The “Things” in the Internet of Things (IoT)

The “things” that make up the emerging “Internet of Things” range from tractors to thermostats to shipping containers. The internet changed the world when we brought computers online and then again with the dawn of smartphones. Imagine what’s possible when the other 99 percent of objects that pervade our everyday life are connected?

Illustration: © IoT For All

You may be familiar with how the internet works. And you’ve probably heard of how the “Internet of Things,” or “IoT,” is igniting the next industrial revolution. But you may be wondering, what do “things” represent in the Internet of Things? What makes these “things” different from, say, a computer or a smartphone that connects to the internet?

  • IoT for Healthcare: Our Bodies as “Things” connected to the Internet
  • IoT for Logistics: Packages and Containers As “Things” Connected to the Internet
  • IoT for Agriculture: “Things” as Tractors, Soil Sensors and Irrigation Systems

Read more about the Value of Connected “Things” in Healthcare, Logistics and Agriculture  @iotforall




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