Open Standards for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, commonly abbreviated as IoT is a novel paradigm that describes the idea of everyday physical objects being connected to the Internet. This includes everything from mobiles, vehicles, air conditioners, headphones, wearable devices and almost anything. Unquestionably, the IoT idea has a high impact on several aspects of everyday life and behavior of potential users. Consequently, companies have started to introduce numerous IoT based products and services and several consortiums have been formed to define protocols and standards for the IoT. 

The article  “Open Standards for the Internet of Things” aims to provide a brief revision of the state of the art in the IoT field (5G IoT Standards, FIWARE), and a summary of some of the research proyects related to the IoT concept in which the Audio and Communications Signal Processing Group and the Multimedia Communications Group of the ITEAM UPV are currently involved (MAtchUP project and SSEnCe Project on Acoustic-aided IoT) . 

MAtchUP is an EU-funded Smart City project involving three lighthouse cities (Valencia-Spain, Dresden-Germany and Antalya-Turkey) and four follower cities (Ostend-Belgium, Herzliya-Israel, SkopjeFYROM and Kerava-Finland). It started on September 2018 and will finish on September 2023. During this period, MAtchUP partners will create and adopt solutions that can turn urban problems into smart opportunities to improve the citizens’ quality of life and boost the local economies, mainly in the areas of energy, mobility and ICT (information and Communications Technologies). The final aim is to create a prosperous and more liveable urban environment for communities.

The SSEnCe project (Sound-Aided Smart Environments for the City, Home and Nature) aims to encourage the dissemination and develop of real and practical prototypes focused on the Global concept of Intelligence in the IoT, particularly the applications are based mainly on the acoustic information of the environment. The main objectives of this project are the creation of an Observatory and the development of three technological demonstrators of immediate practical application.

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