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SSEnCe (Sound-Aided Smart Environments for the City, Home and Nature)

The “Sound-Aided Smart Environments for the City, Home and Nature” (SSEnCe) project aims to encourage the dissemination and develop of real and practical prototypes focused on the Global concept of Intelligence in the IoT, particularly the applications are based mainly on the acoustic information of the environment. One of the main objectives of this project is the development of three technological demonstrators of immediate practical application and according with the following specific objectives:

  • In the home environment, it is intended to detect the acoustic events that indicate danger or emergency situation, especially for people with reduced mobility (sick people, elderly people, etc). This application is related to IoT application in E-health.
  • In the Smart Cities field, the project aims to develop applications which detect violence situations and disturbance of social coexistence (concerts, unauthorized manifestation, etc) and to monitor the noise pollution.
  • In natural parks is intended to detect any alteration of the natural environment produced by people, as well as, the identification and monitoring of  species. 

In this sense, for the development of the tree demonstrators, the SSEnCe project presents three core axes of action:

  1. Acoustic Sensor Networks (ASN) technology capable of “listening” the environment, processing the sound information and make decisions, that is, with computing capacity in the data source or near to it (edge computing).
  2. The IoT technology that allows to process additional information of the environment and to perform a much more complex processing (cloud computing).
  3. The applications, which are focused on the welfare of the citizen and the care of the environment.