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IoT Classroom

The IoT classroom is a space enabled in the ETS engineering Telecommunications building at the Universitat Politènica de València (UPV). This classroom has been founded by the Telefónica Chair of the UPV and it has been  equipped with three work points and its own subnet within the UPV network. A wide range of IoT projects can be developed employing different boards, a central server and the ability to design and build sensors.

Work place in the room.

Furthermore, the own subnet has been created employing a router and a switch with capacity to connect up to 35 devices, thereby it gives us the flexibility to simulate different IoT environments within our private network.

Prototyping boards.


Prototyping material available in the classroom:

Raspberry Pi 3B4
Raspberry Pi 3B+4
Raspberry Pi Sense HAT4
Arduino Uno2
Arduino Nano1
Arduino Mega1
Arduino Ethernet Shield4
Soldering Station1

Projects that are being developed

  • Installation, ready to deploy an Asterisk control unit with Docker and / or Raspberry Pi in different environments for multimedia services.

  • Design and implementation of an irrigation system with Smart functions.

  • Development of a crop monitoring and automation system.

  • Synthetic traffic generator using Fi-Ware and NodeRed networks

 Former projects

  • Deployment of projects for monitoring in SmartCities employing NodeRed. Download project

  • Development of control panels for IoT networks based on NodeRed.Download project