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This observatory has been created as a part of the SSEnCe Project (Sound-Aided Smart Environments for the City, Home and Nature). The SSEnCe project aims to deepen knowledge, promote dissemination and develop real and practical prototypes focused on the global concept of Intelligence in the Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IoT), with the particularity that applications sense reality mainly to from the sound information of the environment.

This observatory aims to: function as a channel of dissemination of the results of the SSEnCe Project, as well as of the others projects and activities related to the IoT concept, in which the Audio and Communications Signal Processing Group and the Multimedia Communications Group of the ITEAM- UPV are involved. Compile and offer updated information regarding events, technological projects and latest trends related to the development of Acoustic and Multimedia aided IoT solutions for Smart cities, smart energy and E-Health among others.